LECOMPTE, La. - Today is the first day of summer but for a group of LSUA college students, they are staying in the classroom making a difference in the lives of some Lecompte elementary school kids. News Channel Five's Nolan Crane reports.

Twenty-five LSUA college students who are majoring in elementary education are trading in their summer fun for the opportunity to tutor the students at Carter C. Raymond Elementary School in Lecompte. The students we talked to hope this experience will better prepare them to enter the workforce.

Alicia Elie is just one LSUA student who is volunteering her time to help teach and tutor these elementary school students during the third annual Camp Carter enrichment program.

"I think it's a great opportunity to be able to work with the kids, they really enjoy it having someone just simply reading them a book they love that just so much, just hearing a story," says Alicia Elie.

Although Alicia is teaching the younger kids, they are not the only ones learning, during this twelve day camp.

"I didn't think I really wanted to do young kids at first but now I love them, their so sweet," says Alicia Elie.

"There having a blast and so are we," says Colton Knuckols.

"Its great experience for us to get inside a classroom, it's as close to student teaching that we can get and so we learn a lot from these students and hopefully they learn a lot from us to," says Laurie Bolden.

The college students that we spoke with say they are willing to volunteer here at Carter C. Raymond Elementary School because it brings them one step closer to their dreams and goals.

"I want to teach and coach one day so just the overall experience of being at Camp Carter is really going to pay off in my career," says Colton Knuckols.

And Colton says you don't have to be an elementary education major to find the camp a rewarding experience.

"This is definitely something I will put on my resume. I think in any job field just when an employer sees that you're working with kids and that you have that love and you know it's mostly on a volunteer bases you know it really looks great," says Colton Knuckols.

The director of Camp Carter says she is grateful for the students from LSUA.

"The teacher candidates have a golden opportunity to work with children in this area," says Dr. Arlene Duos.

But she says the parents of these elementary school students also deserve a lot of credit as well.

"The parents of these children are so generous in dropping their kids off on time, they fully appreciate everything we do, they see the advancement in their children even if it is a 12 day enrichment program," says Dr. Arlene Duos.

Every student who attends Carter C. Raymond Elementary School was eligible to participate in Camp Carter as long as they didn't have summer school and a lot of the LSUA students also receive college credit for their service.