Department of Business Administration

ACSBP - Candidate For Accreditation

The Department of Business Administration offers the student the opportunity to pursue a career in Business with concentrations in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems and Marketing.  Worldwide opportunities exist for the student as a manager or owner of a small business.  

Business degree concentrations permit the student to prepare for career opportunities in large corporations, working in such areas as Accounting, Finance, Management Information Systems and Marketing.  The Business Administration student career opportunities are also available in government, not-for-profit, education or become your own boss.

LSUA Business Administration faculty are diverse with experiences ranging from worldwide corporate managers to highly published professors. Yet, each faculty person is caring and wants the Business Administration student to succeed in their endeavors.

For further information about the LSUA Department of Business Administration, please call 318.473.6414.