LSUA Foundation and Institutional Advancement

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The LSUA Foundation is a nonprofit, institutionally-related Foundation, dedicated to supporting the purpose of higher education at LSU of Alexandria. 

The purpose of the LSUA Foundation is to engage in educational, literary and charitable purposes to promote the education and cultural welfare of LSU of Alexandria and all departments and units of the University and to develop, expand, and improve LSUA’s facilities so as to provide broader educational advantages and opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff. 

Our goal is to expand awareness of LSU of Alexandria’s contributions to higher education and to foster and encourage private financial support for LSU of Alexandria.  

The Foundation encourages and receives philanthropic gifts and bequests.  Behind every gift to the Foundation is an individual or organization determined to advance the availability and quality of higher education in Central Louisiana.

The LSUA Foundation along with the staff of the Institutional Advancement team advocate for LSU of Alexandria and educate our community partners and Alumni on the importance of their continued financial support. 

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200 Middleton, Alexandria, Louisiana United States