First Year Students


Use the following list to help prepare yourself for college. Though college may be far off, preparing early helps ensures:

  • Getting admitted.
  • Getting Scholarships. Some scholarships you need to start preparing for your freshman year.
  • Finishing college sooner. Taking college courses while you're in high-school allows you to get preliminary courses out of the way.

Our recruiters regularly visit high-schools throughout Louisiana. If you have any questions ask them the next time they are visiting your school. You can view their upcoming schedule at LSUA Recruiters Webpage.

  • High-School Seniors

  • High School Juniors

  • High-School Freshmen & Sophomores

  • Acceptance

First Time Freshman Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet all of the following:

  1. Completion of LA Core 4 Curriculum, or its equivalent at time of high school graduation
  2. High School GPA of 2.0 or higher
  3. Require NO Developmental Courses
  4. Either 2.0 GPA, or greater in Core Courses, or ACT Composite of 20* or greater

Requirements for NO Developmental Courses

  • ACT English subscore of 18 or higher
  • SAT Reading Score of 450 or higher
  • COMPASS Writing Score of 68 or higher
  • ACT Math subscore of 19 or higher
  • SAT Math subscore of 460 or higher
  • COMPASS Algebra Score of 40 or higher
*SAT equivalent:  Math + Reading = 940 or higher

Out of State and Home School Applicants

  1. Meet requirements above OR
  2. Complete 17 of 19 required units in HS, have a 2.0 or greater HS GPA,  require NO Developmental Courses, and ACT Composite of 20 OR
  3. ACT Composite of 23 or greater, or SAT Combination of Math and Reading of a 1050, and require NO Developmental Courses (see requirements above)